Boudoir sessions are so empowering... and fun! Celebrate your sweet... or sultry... or both! It's up to you.

Keep in mind that boudoir portraits can be as covering or revealing as you want them to be, from a shirt partially unbuttoned to a tasteful illusion of nude. Your photos might be suggestive, but they'll never be sleazy. We'll also photograph some beautiful "safe to share" images, as well. The important thing to remember is that I will never have you do a pose or wear an outfit that you are not comfortable with.

Also know that I will not share your intimate portraits with anyone you don't want seeing them, so you can feel comfortable showing a little more skin in front of the camera.

Black lace is always sexy.Black lace is always sexy.Your boudoir session is custom to you. Look sexy, look sweet, look like the YOU you want to see! This was one of four looks. boudoir image awardFun boudoirYes, we'll have fun at your session... and may produce an award-winning image.


boudoir faceboudoirSometimes boudoir is all in the eyes and expression....
tattoo mother weightlosstattooed boudoirShow 'em all off!

More info is available here. Contact me to schedule your no-obligation consultation: 434-226-0365 or [email protected].


Portrait sessions for girls and women, ages 10 and older, are available, too! See for more information.