Behind the Scenes: Image Delivery

October 29, 2021
Maggie Takes Pix clients want a variety of products, and how those are delivered completely depends on your order and timeline. Digital image pix only? Those will be att...
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Logos, not logos: The Logical Brain

October 22, 2021
Next up in our overview of Aristotle: in addition to appealing to your Pathos clients and your Ethos audience, there are also Logos - logical/technical - buyers. These ar...
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Dinner for Two and other Date Night ideas

October 15, 2021
Sometimes our busy life becomes routine, and you look up to realize that some spark or connection seems to be missing in your relationship. Get it back – or keep it – wit...
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Top 3 Ways to Display Your Boudoir Photos – Really!

October 08, 2021
“What will I do with these pix?” Put ‘em on display! Here are a few suggestions: Framed 8x10 on the bedside table. Sweet and pretty safe way to see your gorgeous pix re...
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Photographers that Inspire

October 01, 2021
Question: What photographers are your biggest inspiration, and what about their work speaks to you? Answer: Thanks to the WWW, I’ve been inspired by – and continue to le...
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