Multi-sensory Experience: Touch!

December 17, 2021
I do my best to make your portrait session as relaxed as possible… especially if you are having a boudoir shoot. Sitting around half-naked in front of someone with a came...
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How Can Personal Branding Photography Help MY Business?

December 10, 2021
You may wonder how sharing personal photos can help grow your business. Studies have shown that people want to get to know the leader of the companies they do business wi...
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Clean Your Rings and other hand matters

December 03, 2021
Anytime you are being photographed, I’ll send you my Client Guide with tips on how to prepare for your session. No matter the type, one of the items on your checklist is...
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Multi-sensory Experience: Taste!

November 12, 2021
What do you want to snack on… or should food be a prop? A full Signature Portrait Session will take at least two hours, and I do not want you to fade! Believe it or not,...
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What’s in my Closet: Accessories

November 05, 2021
Along with my client wardrobe, there are a bunch of accessories in my collection you may choose to borrow for our session, as well. Jewelry (of course) choices range fro...
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