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Wedding Photography Work Style

September 09, 2022
Once you’ve decided you like a photographer’s visual style (see this post), it’s time to find out their work style. This person is going to be up close and personal with...
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What else am I?

September 02, 2022
You may note that I’ve been ending my posts about women being multi-faceted, and it’s so true that we take on many roles in life: daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, m...
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Content Counts

August 26, 2022
If you have a brand that solves a problem, it’s a bit easier to show your audience how you do that. For aspirational brands, however? We’re going to need to address your...
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Body Parts

August 19, 2022
Body parts? No, it’s not a murder mystery! It’s how we share anonymous boudoir photos to maintain your privacy online. But it’s also a really nice way to celebrate your b...
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Date Night (and photoshoot) Ideas

August 12, 2022
My husband and I attended a wedding and were considering what to give as a gift to the young couple, whom we don’t know well. I know that “experiences” rather than “thing...
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