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Body Language Cues

April 14, 2023
I’m always trying to learn (or stay up to date on) new things that might help me help you look awesome in your images. Especially for my personal branding photography cli...
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Grooming Tips: Men’s Edition

April 07, 2023
With a specialization in women’s portraits, my posts focus on tips for women to look their best when they step in front of my camera. Every now and then, men take a turn...
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Regarding Printed Photographs

March 31, 2023
There is a professional photographer with a personal blog on Facebook geared to her photographer colleagues. Missy Mwac recently posted this; I think it’s worth sharing:...
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Especially for Mothers

March 24, 2023
As a woman, you are extraordinary. You are doing something amazing for someone else at every stage of a relationship. At the beginning, you are giving someone love, supp...
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Four Makeup Tips for Older Women

March 17, 2023
I’m in this age group, and I love celebrating the beauty and wisdom of women over the age of 50. But our skin changes over time, so even though you’ve been doing your own...
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