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Do you remember ‘Glamour Shots’? Business Model Comparison

July 21, 2023
Back in the early 1990s, Glamour Shots portrait studios (usually at the mall) were all the rage. They scheduled you in for hair styling and makeup application, then had a...
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Why People (especially Women) Should Be Professionally Photographed

July 14, 2023
Why People (Especially Women) Should Be Professionally Photographed In today's digital age, where smartphone cameras have become a ubiquitous part of our lives, the valu...
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What happens between our photo session and image reveal?

July 07, 2023
Here’s a peek into what happens between the time your photography session with me ends and we get together to look through your proofs together, whether we’ve been able t...
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Wall Art Sizing

June 30, 2023
Some time back I shared about sizing wall art for your available space. In it, I take on the role of interior decorator: viewing distance, height, and size of the piece...
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No, You Can’t Have All The Digitals

June 23, 2023
Back in the days of film, photographers had to be much more intentional about what they captured. The cost involved in the film, developing the negatives, and creating pr...
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