Nine Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

July 08, 2022
You don’t need a special occasion to hire a professional photographer. You can have a photo session just for the sake of having pix that include everyone – together – wit...
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Six Uses for your Headshots (you may not have thought about)

July 01, 2022
I’ve mentioned many times (including in my introductory branding pdf) that you’ll want a few coordinated pix to update all your social media profiles, in your email newsl...
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You don't need a partner to do a boudoir session

June 24, 2022
Women often have a boudoir session to present images to their partner as a gift. It’s the most common “excuse,” really. They regularly find, however, that they feel so am...
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Tips to Prepare for Your Maternity Portrait Session

June 10, 2022
Congratulations on the pending arrival of your little one! If you are interested in a maternity photo session, the first thing you should consider is the timeframe, ideal...
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Four Tips to Use the Photos from Your Brand Photoshoot

June 03, 2022
One of the things that breaks my little photographer heart is when people invest their time, energy and money into a branding photoshoot and then don’t use their pix as s...
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