Portraits of Laura H

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Laura is a "regular" headshot client, as an actor, and chose to combine an update with an Over 50 Experience. I'm cheating this time by sharing some of my favorite photographs from several sessions.

She shared her story:

I’m a wife, mother, business professional, small business owner, and actress. I was born at Lynchburg General, and have lived my entire life in the Lynchburg, VA, area, except for the 4 years I went to college. I am the mother of 2 wonderful adult children.

Significant points in my life: graduating college, getting married, having my 2 children. Graduating college made me realize that life isn’t easy, as I struggled to find a job in my field. However, once I got a job (not in my field), I did everything I could to be successful at it. Getting married and having children changed the focus from myself to focusing on family.

People typically describe me as a “take charge” woman who doesn’t need help. I’ve also been told that I’m the strongest woman people know. However, I would like people to describe me as kind and supportive.

I think the biggest “myth” I would like to bust is that it’s too late to try something new. This is definitely not the case. I didn’t start my small business or start acting until I was in my mid-40’s. I think I’m more likely to try new things now that I’m older, and realize that it’s never too late to try something new!

The one piece of advice that I would give my 20-something self is not to care what other people think. Do what you know is best for you.

My “life quote” is that I give everything I’ve got to everything I do.


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