Portraits of Karen

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Karen brought Jeannie to her session with her for moral support... and later convinced both her and their friend Regina to participate! All three ladies are well-accomplished, inspiring, and so much fun to get to spend time with.

Here's Karen's story from last fall's Over 50 commemoration:

I work professionally as a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher (one-on-one for osteoporosis/scoliosis), craniosacral therapist, Reiki Master, and less professionally, as a maker of pottery, both functional and decorative. I have a rental office in the quaint little town of   Fincastle (Botetourt County) and a small studio space for pottery at my home. 

I grew up in a rural area on a dirt road about four miles out of Fincastle, VA, with my parents and a couple siblings, lots of uncles and aunts, a cousin or two, and a grandmother all within walking distance. My life was very sheltered with an overly religious upbringing. I was quite studious, but although I did get a lucrative scholarship to Hollins College, I had such low self-esteem that I was afraid I'd be bullied by rich, entitled girls. Instead, I found myself doing clerical work for the next 20 years. I was bored and hated my life. With counseling, I found a way to attend massage school; it all fell into place at the age of 40. I have been self-employed ever since and still love my job(s)! 

I love to travel and finding places I want to go where I can get training [around the world]. I enjoy nature photography, hiking, riding my Harley, making art, cooking and baking, reading, music, and spending quality time with my many friends.

I decided that I did not wish to turn 65 this year feeling old and decrepit. I just got lab work back and I am no longer prediabetic! I feel more confident every day. I recently held a 25-year work anniversary celebration and the accolades from colleagues, clients, and friends were so overwhelming to hear—knowing how I have touched so many lives through my work filled my heart with joy. I am most fulfilled when I can do something for someone else, but now I am also seeing that I can be better at that when I am practicing self-care.

I look back on my younger self in photos and see a beautiful, green-eyed redhead who had absolutely no idea she was gorgeous due to that little demon on the shoulder whispering, "You're not enough" and I wish I could tell her to *flick the demon off​ and stomp on him once and for all. Working to become fit and healthier has made me feel 15 years younger, so that's the woman I see and adore in these photos.

blond woman over the age of 50 wearing a sleeveless royal blue top


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