Portraits of Susan

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Susan was one of the participants in the first round of the Over 50 Experience. She's a multiple business owner who's dedicated to living a great life with her family... but I'll let her tell you about it:

My favorite trait about myself is that I love unconditionally. Unconditional love defined by me is that you love your family; i.e., my children and grandchildren specifically, no matter what and no matter the circumstances. You can truly love the person unconditionally, but not the action. Unconditional love is not just saying it, but truly living it. 

Most people think that when you turn 50 life is halfway over…. At 50, I decided that the next 50 years were going to be amazing and the best 50 years of my life. I also, thought that I would be staying at home waiting for my children and grandchildren to spend time with me.  I realized that they too have a life for themselves, and I needed to enjoy the journey not the destination. I have had so many cool adventures, i.e., zipling, parasailing, spending weekends riding my SXS (Side x Side) on trails in WV, KY, TN. I traveled north to CT (I haven’t been much past Baltimore, MD). We are planning a month long vacation with our camper and SXS going to Maine and Canada.

I will never stop learning or trying new things. I own two businesses now (Dragon Recovery and S & M Shed Adventures) and I don’t foresee me stopping….. I finished college at 45 to show my children that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and it doesn’t come with an age restriction.  I have been a part of Leadership Lynchburg to immerse myself in working with other personalities to make myself better.  I would say that my ambitions to be all that God made me to be started at age 50.  I have more goals, more ambition, more willingness to learn at this age.

I have a bucket list, it started small, but the beauty of a bucket list is that you can add to it at any time. Even though my list is mine, I always try to include members of my family, so they get to enjoy their journey. About 10 years ago, I started giving the gift of presence to my grandchildren for their birthdays and Christmas. We have been on helicopter rides, pirate boat tours, train rides, beach trips, NASA, and indoor skydiving in Virginia Beach. I got to    enjoy the new experience with them and to see the joy in them trying something they probably would not have put on their bucket list.


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