Portraits of Lisa

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Lisa celebrated turning 75 with a photoshoot and participation in the Over 50 project.

Here's a bit of this delightful lady's story:

I am an original baby-boomer, a happy individual that savors every waking moment and loves to share smiles and laughter. To be honest I think I am a child of God’s as my Mother told me she did everything she knew to abort me. I was born healthy and legitimately at the U. S. Naval Hospital in Chelsea, Massachusetts. I am 77 and retired.

I was taken to Vermont as soon as my Mother was allowed to travel with me and we lived on the family farm until my Father got out of the Navy, then we moved to Urbana, IL, from there to someplace in California, back to VT with my Mother when I was around 2, there until she married again when I was 5, and we moved to Cambridge, MA, until my step-father graduated from MIT, then to New Haven, CT, where he graduated from Yale. I was adopted by them when I was 12 so we could travel to Europe. After seven years living in the Chicago area, another divorce, back to VT. Graduated from high school there, went to Bishop DeGoesbriand Hospital in Burlington, VT, to Nursing School until I was 18.

Met my natural Father in Urbana, IL, that year, then worked various jobs. Met my first husband and moved to NYC, NY, for a year, then we came back to Burlington, and divorced within another year. The next five years were fulfilled by getting to know my Father and his family, then I moved to Waynesboro, VA, on June 6, 1972, met a man on June 10; we fell in love, virtually at first sight, and we married June 30, 1972. We had a son in 1975. I believe we were happily married and lived happily ever after until he got ill and died May 26, 2018.

I write letters and send cards with notes and have since 1959. It continues to be my hobby. Meeting my last husband was the significant change in my life. The life we had together was better than I imagined life might be for me. I honestly believe God gets me up in the morning and enlightens my days. He motivates me to embrace every moment. I like the idea of people seeing me and smiling!! The piece of advice I would give that 20 year old is that you can’t make other people happy, they have to do that for themselves.

Life quote: “Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.” - Mark Twain


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