Portraits of Debi

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Deborah, or Debi, participated in the first celebration of the strength, beauty, and wisdom of women over 50. I've been honored to take branding photos of her as an acupuncturist, but this session featured her wildlife photography passion.

Here's her story:

Most people call me Debi; I’m currently 63 years old.  I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the owner of Acupuncture Works, LLC.  

I am originally from Berea, KY; when I was 28 years old, I moved to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where I was employed as Managing Director of a Data Processing company. After nearly 2 decades of working in Jamaica, I lost my job due to a company buyout. At the age of 40, I enrolled in acupuncture school, earned a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine with a Bachelor’s of Professional Health Sciences. I moved to Richmond, VA, where I worked as an independent contractor before opening Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond. In 2013, I met my forever guy, Paul McCroskey, and in 2016 moved to Lynchburg, VA.  In 2019, I closed the Richmond office. Paul and I do wildlife photography as a hobby.

My values have not really changed over time.  I’ve always valued important relationships and that our time here is very short. I still value my relationships and over the last 15 years have balanced my work and personal time so that I can continue to enjoy living life and all that it has to offer. When I turned 50, I made a bucket list of places in the world that I wanted to see. It’s very hard to pick one favorite thing; however, I would say the Serengeti. I’ve fallen in love with Africa and have made three trips and am planning a fourth.

I would like to be described as the person who lived life to the fullest and welcomed the challenges that made me grow to the woman that I am now.  I would like people to know that I am strong, resilient, how much I enjoy helping others, and my playfulness. My favorite trait about myself is my courage, strength, and how much I love all that life has to offer.

My ambitions are to continue to serve my community through my work, do my best to stay healthy, and to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. My ambitions have not changed since I turned 50. 

What I would tell any 20-year-old now is the same advice I gave myself when I was that age, which is set your goals, be kind, be honest, save for the future and emergencies, and don’t wait until tomorrow comes to reach your dreams. Life is to be lived. 






















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