Portraits of Cindy

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Cindy was a two-time participant in the Fall 2023 Over 50 with Maggie experience. She was originally photographed very early on, but in the interim lost over 120 pounds... so she got updated images before we held our celebration of the strength, beauty, and wisdom of this first group of participants.

Her story:

The single most significant point of change in my life was August 2, 2011, the day my husband, Dan, died. I thought about saying it was the day we married, or the day we became parents for the first time. But neither of those changed who I was at that moment. There were, of course, changes that happened because of both of those. But those changes happened gradually. The day Dan died, I changed forever. I became someone else at my core. Eventually, I have been able to use my grief to become more confident, resilient, and brave. The person I am now is my favorite version of myself.

There have only been two items on my bucket list. One was going on a cruise and I’ve done that. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. The other is going to Ireland. My son has instructions that if I die before making it there, he is to take some of my ashes and send them there. I don’t care how he accomplishes it. That’s his problem, not mine.

Right now is when I feel the most confident. I spent a large part of my life worrying about what others thought of me and felt that I wasn’t enough. Not pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough. I have finally realized that I only have to be enough for myself and for God. I finally like who I am.

I can’t stand it when people think they are too old to learn something new. I especially hate it when they use age as an excuse for not knowing how to use technology. It was our generation that came up with the personal computer. I taught my children how to use computers. It’s true that technology has been changing at a rapid pace, but it’s ridiculous to use age as a reason for not keeping up with it. I’d much rather hear someone say they just weren’t interested enough to learn than use age as an excuse.

At age 66, I think I’m at my most ambitious stage. I have started a business and have worked harder at it than any other job I’ve ever had. It’s something that I can call my own and any success or failure is mine and only mine. It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, because it comes from the heart.




















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