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Alli participated in my first "Over 50 with Maggie" Portrait Experience. She is a multi-talented artist and dear friend. Her featured photo was taken during a branding session for her business, Alligraphy Photography and Script.

Her story:

What gets me up in the morning?

Coffee. And sunrises.

After that, learning and watching and seeing. I love this time in my life. While raising an amazing stepson, I learned all kinds of things because of his interests and because of my former husbands’ interests. Those things added value and depth that now make things in my life more interesting. I enjoy learning big things and all of the bits and bobs in between.

My ambitions [now] are to feel more together and driven in a new path. I want my own small business to be sustainable, but I also enjoy working in a different area because, yet again, learning new things and meeting new people. I don’t have the corporate “climbing the ladder” yearn anymore, but I do have the drive to be the best I can be at what I am doing and mentoring younger colleagues along the way. I have an ambition to somehow create more family time. More creative time. More exercise time. More time!!

My siblings are older than me. I am the baby of the family and we are all myth busters. From my own perspective, my parents grew and expanded their own horizons after their children were grown and gone and they had retired. It was joyful to see. My sisters and I are still trying new things, doing new things, creating new things. I think that our generations (Gen X and Boomers) are able to truly appreciate the past that didn’t include cell phones or other   pieces of technology, but we have adapted and embraced it.

The wit and humor has so much depth and flavor. I am fortunate to work with people of all of ages, but the humor of post-50’s cannot be beat!

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