Five Fall Outdoor Family Photo Ideas and Tips

September 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Picture it: fall colors with the entire family – each in their perfect outfit – against a perfect backdrop creating a memorable moment… with a professional photographer to capture the best photos of your smiling family members in your fall family pictures.

Yes, autumn is a great time of year for family photos.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pumpkin Farm

Gather the whole family at your local pumpkin patch. Pick a pumpkin as a photo prop or enjoy some pumpkin spice latte. Pose between the rows for some visual interest.

Apple Orchard

The fall season is a great time of year for picking apples, which also make for fun photo props. Pose among the trees. Enjoy some fresh apple cider.

Corn Field

A corn maze, especially, can make for a perfect backdrop for some fun family photos.

Hay Bales

Most hay has been harvested and put away by the time autumn’s bright colors come along, but it’s generally pretty easy to find hay bales to use as seating in an open field… or at your local park.

Our Yard

My studio is on our property, offering a good-sized yard with deciduous and evergreen trees, with the hills of the George Washington National Forest in the background. My favorite thing to do with families of any age, from young children to older adults, is to have you play in the fallen leaves.

Where else can you think of? Will your yard work, too? Is there another favorite outdoor space you and your family enjoy? In any of these locations, be sure you have the permission of the owner to be there. We don’t want to be cited for trespassing.

Start watching the leaf forecast to set a date as far ahead as you can to try to get that perfect time with the most vibrant colors. Professional photographers book fall season photos well in advance, and we’re watching Mother Nature, too.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite location, date, and the perfect time of day (that golden hour light comes a little earlier this time of year), it’s time to choose a color scheme to put together your family’s outfits. Your selected color palette should coordinate with each other and with your backdrop. Do you want to go with bright colors or more neutral colors? Jewel tones or Earth tones? I can help you choose in a style consultation.

Start a Pinterest board to gather creative ideas for all of the above and share them with me! I’ll be brainstorming, too!

Your fall family photo session will look picture perfect when all is said and done. That’s when the fun of selecting the ones you love best comes in… so also start dreaming of how you’ll display them.


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