Photography vs AI Digital Art

June 02, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

There is a lot of chatter in photographer circles regarding the growth of artificial intelligence (AI), especially now that it’s becoming readily available for visual media.

Some see it as a tool. Some see it as the death of the industry.

I’m in the former camp.

AI can create some interesting photorealistic art, but it does not create photographs. It certainly doesn’t create a portrait that acts as a visual souvenir of your life: your special birthday, your graduation, your business anniversary, your wedding, your family gathering for the holiday weekend for the first time in what feels like forever.

Honestly, I haven’t played with it much, yet. When I did, I noted that the AI made “decisions” I would not have, and it needed editing to match my vision. Now that it’s integrated into Photoshop, I’ll play more. It may help me with future Sensational Sessions that involve creative edits, but those are rare occasions, as most of my clients choose something that reflects reality rather than composites.

Dancer on point with leg extended vertically.Grace in Motion - redGrace in motion, dancing in gray with a red skirt, enhanced with a fine art background and additional red skirting through the new Photoshop generative AI tools. But I don’t see it replacing photography. I don’t see it replacing our human connection. I don’t see it creating something authentic. I don’t see it coaxing out your beautiful smile. I don’t see it creating a sense of confidence. I don’t see it making a memory. Those are all things that happen in front of my camera, and AI can’t replace that.

Yep, it can generate some fun digital art – with other peoples’ creative works – but it won’t replace photography, and it certainly won’t be the “death of the industry” any more than stock photos or cell phone selfies.


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