No, You Can’t Have All The Digitals

June 23, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Back in the days of film, photographers had to be much more intentional about what they captured. The cost involved in the film, developing the negatives, and creating prints was a deterrent to overshooting. And those negatives were precious indeed, as they were the only way to create prints and reprints. Once digital cameras became de rigueur, and we realized we could take all the pix without worrying about waste, the “negatives” became commodities – numerous (from overshooting) and super inexpensive (in relative terms).


But the negatives (files) I create during our portrait session are most definitely NOT commodities. They are the drafts of your personal art, not a cell phone snapshot of your lunch. Think of them as artist sketches; not all of them work.


Part of my boutique process is to cull through those photographs to provide you with a proof gallery of the best. You don’t really want to sort through blinks, open mouths (because I caught you talking), or any other unflattering pictures I may have taken. You don’t really want to pick from a series of similar poses or expressions.


Part of my boutique process is to sit down with you and review your images together. We take a lot of photographs during our session, because we can, and – in my experience – having them all uploaded to some online gallery (or just handing them over on a disc or USB) for you to pick from alone becomes an overwhelming process. Or you ask everyone and your brother to help you pick, and everyone has a different opinion. It leads to analysis paralysis, and you end up procrastinating on the decision making, leaving the photos sitting in digital purgatory.

Instead, I will sit with you, and we’ll go through them and choose the ones you like best, based on your product choices (are we filling an album or a wall?) and budget. If you get stuck between a couple, I’ll share my professional opinion as to which I think is better and why. The decision is always yours, but you don’t have to make it all by yourself. I’m here to help.


And I'm here to encourage you to get your photographs printed, whether loose prints, in an album, or hanging on the wall. Get a physical copy you can hold and see every day. You've invested in the session; enjoy the products of it!


Can you have digitals? Yes! You will receive all selected photographs in digital format, too, so you can share on social media, your website, via email… and get reprints (up to 8x10). But no, you can’t have all the digitals.



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