Grooming Tips: Men’s Edition

April 07, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

With a specialization in women’s portraits, my posts focus on tips for women to look their best when they step in front of my camera. Every now and then, men take a turn as subject… and they deserve tips to look their best, too!

Choose Your Appointment Date Wisely. If you are going to cut your hair before your headshot or portrait session, don’t do it the day before. Cutting your hair a few days before ensures the lines look a bit more natural. It also gives your hair a chance to recover should something go wrong.

Shave at the Right Time. If you generally shave the hair on your head every few days, shave it a day or two before your session for the best results.

Avoid Razor Burn. While your face should look neat the day of your session, you also want to avoid razor burn. Whether you’re shaving your face clean or simply tidying up your facial hair, use the right shaving cream, and moisturize your face afterward.

Tidy Up Ear and Nose Hair. Don’t forget to trim any nose and ear hair before your session.

Stay Hydrated. Water is your skin’s best friend, so drink up daily the week before your headshot appointment.

Shield Your Skin Against the Sun. Stay out of the sun as much as possible the week before your session. And if you do need to step outside, apply sunscreen.

Get Some Shut-Eye. Under-eye bags will show up in your photos and makeup can only do so much, so make a point of getting enough sleep, particularly the night before your session.


And if you are looking for some advice on what to wear, there’s Maggie Takes Pix | What to Wear: Men’s Edition.


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