Framed Wall Art

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I’ve upgraded my framed wall art provider.

Framesuite offers the ability for us to design your gallery wall without having to “do the math” to convert standard photographic sizes to account for frame width. And we can preview exactly what it will look like on your wall. I just need to remember to use the program in Google Chrome’s Incognito mode….

The Frame Previewer takes away the guesswork by demonstrating exactly how each frame will look paired with your art. The virtual rendering will shift in scale as we move the print size up and down, giving you a better understanding of the final presentation. Plus, by surrounding the image with the entire frame, you’ll get a better grasp on how the colors enhance and support not just the portrait itself, but the entire room décor. There are also 3-D frame corner videos so you can appreciate the finish and profile of your favorite frames. There are 36 different frame options in 24 sizes.

frame cornerWell-crafted frames

Making it simple to get that nail in the wall in the right spot every time, they come with Beehive hangers! The hanging bracket has a pinpoint to mark the wall where the specialty nails go… but if we’re off a little, that’s okay! The bracket has lots of little holes to make it easy to adjust.

Adjust frames up, down, left, right, even diagonally in less than 5 seconds without moving any hardware!

Stops frames from tilting, even when cleaning!

Greatly reduces wall damage

Floor to wall in under 5 minutes

Beehive hangarBeehive hangar and nail

Framesuite creates beautiful archival quality prints, too, with finished backs, presented under acrylic (offering lighter weight than glass) to protect your images.

acrylicframed family photo under acrylic

They use Premium Archival Matte artist-grade paper that is heavy (230 gsm), neutral white and acid-free, resulting in long-lasting imagery.

Optional mats, in standard or wide presentation styles, are created with Artique® Conservation matboard that’s FSC Certified alpha-cellulose, 100% acid- and lignin-free, pH buffered, and bleed and fade resistant.

What can we create for your walls?


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