Four Makeup Tips for Older Women

March 17, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I’m in this age group, and I love celebrating the beauty and wisdom of women over the age of 50. But our skin changes over time, so even though you’ve been doing your own makeup for decades, please consider these tips if you are doing it yourself for a Simple Session.

  1. Choose cream-based products. Powdered and matte-finish products add texture… and we’ve already got enough of that. Take care to find the right shade of foundation for your skin color.
  2. Lovely lips come from a color that matches your natural skin tone. After years of searching for – and not finding – a favorite lipstick color, I came across this tip: match your inner lip or gums.
  3. Enhance your eyebrows, but don’t go overboard. You’ve probably lost some definition. Even them out, going for a light, natural look.
  4. Keep eyeshadow light, if you wear it at all. Eyelids tend to get more “hooded” as we age; any contour in the crease deepens the look rather than opening up our eyes.

We all want to look our best in our photographs, and while we love celebrating our ages, there’s no need to appear older than we are. Look your best and your confidence will show! Talk about beautiful.


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