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January 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

One of those items your photographer should pay attention to is the background for your pictures. Is it beautiful and worthy of highlighting, helping to tell the story in your images? Or are there objects creating distractions?

While your location can add texture to a shoot, even “ugly” locations can work if the light is right. I’ve been known to pose people where they are blocking street signs, trash cans, etc. and play with depth of field to blur out less-than-pretty buildings.

Angel, for instance, was photographed in the parking lot at a store's loading dock.

Bride leaning against a wall by a loading dock bay door.bridal picture at loading dock bay doorEven loading docks can provide interesting backdrops. Bride leaning back on loading dock bay door with her bridal veil draped in front of the camera lens.Bridal photo using veil to create drama and hide ugly location.Using a veil helps disguise elements of an ugly location and add depth to the image.
Bride getting ready to pose by loading dock door next to rain downspout.Bridal pictures in ugly placesPull back showing downspout.

Pullback showing some of the less-than-attractive elements of the location.

So if I drag you off into some random alley, it's because I want to shoot you... with my Canon... Boring, cluttered, or dirty can be amazing.


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