Date Night (and photoshoot) Ideas

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My husband and I attended a wedding and were considering what to give as a gift to the young couple, whom we don’t know well. I know that “experiences” rather than “things” are trending right now, especially as many couples are setting up households before they marry, and they probably don’t need another air fryer. Enter the Google search….

I found the neatest site!

It’s called DateBox Club. I am not an affiliate in any way, but I love this concept! It’s a subscription service for couples that are “setting aside intentional time to spend together.” DateBoxes are themed, and might include a game, an activity, or a DIY. There are instruction cards to walk you through the experience. Past boxes have included Road Trip Puzzle War (two destination puzzles, a states trivia deck, popcorn…), Playing with Heartstrings (custom string art kit with two projects, candy…), and Jenga Party (a Truth or Dare version of Jenga!). There is also a Digital Dates option – no physical box, but monthly email with a download of instructions and themed printable(s). There are more “intimate” options for both boxes and digital versions….

The site also offers a bunch of freebies, like “10 Free Date Night Ideas” that includes such things as: volunteer somewhere, buy a Tarot card deck and read each other’s fortune, and share embarrassing photos (a personal favorite). There’s the “100 Dad Jokes Challenge” and “10 Free Outdoor Date Ideas” and “50 Love Language Date Night Ideas” and so many more. There’s even an option to sign up for 52 free micro-dates, like “Each of you secretly purchase a never tried flavor of ice cream for your partner. Keep it hidden in a bag in the freezer and eat straight from the carton on your next movie night.” How fun is that?

In any case, I wanted to share this resource with you… and offer to come capture your date night in photographs. What? Yes! Use these as a theme for your photoshoot together! Check out “Lifestyle Family Photography Sessions at Home” here on my blog. 


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