Body Parts

August 19, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Body parts? No, it’s not a murder mystery! It’s how we share anonymous boudoir photos to maintain your privacy online. But it’s also a really nice way to celebrate your body and all it does - and has done – for you.

What’s your favorite body part? Let’s start there. Perhaps you have an incredible waistline? Or have décolletage that turns heads? Maybe your derriere is to die for? Legs for days?

anonymous boudoir photo of a woman's derriere butt tushtushy celebrate your body parts

We’ll celebrate other parts, too, that might not be the first to come to mind: your neck, collar bone, back… lips.

If you have a partner, we’ll make sure we get their favorite parts, too… but only if you’re feeling extra nice.

What’s your favorite body part? Would you want to do a session of just parts? And – here’s a thought – would you hang them on your wall as art?


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