Six Uses for your Headshots (you may not have thought about)

July 01, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve mentioned many times (including in my introductory branding pdf) that you’ll want a few coordinated pix to update all your social media profiles, in your email newsletters, and on your website. Here are some other ideas that may be less obvious:

  • email signature block. Studies show that “seeing” who you’re talking to increases likability.
  • business cards. This serves as a visual reminder of who you are to people you may have recently met at a networking event.
  • press releases or articles. You’ve got news? Share it with author pix!
  • print ads. Your image is your brand. Show ‘em who you are.
  • directory photos. Does your Chamber of Commerce or another group have a photo directory? Make yours professional!
  • podcasts or other speaking gigs. Whether your own or as a guest on someone else’s, there’s often a little snapshot of the host and/or guest shared somewhere.

HeadshotActress HeadshotUse your headshot, and variations of it, everywhere online and off. What other uses have you thought of? Please share!


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