Four Tips to Use the Photos from Your Brand Photoshoot

June 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

One of the things that breaks my little photographer heart is when people invest their time, energy and money into a branding photoshoot and then don’t use their pix as strategically as they can. I will (happily) help you plan it out as part of the session design process! But so many times I’ve seen clients get excited and share a bunch of the photos in a Facebook post all at once… and then not again.

This is never the plan.

Here are some tips to use your images as you should:

  1. Determine where you need photographs. There is a list available on page 7 of my guide at to kickstart your plan. Update your website (share that pic from your About page, not directly). Update your social media profile and cover pictures (share those pix from those pages). Do all of this in increments over several days, not all at once!
  2. Create your marketing collateral for your upcoming campaigns. Use those specific photos only for those specific purposes.
  3. Pre-plan a bunch of blog and/or #FridayIntroduction posts (if you need help, see page 11 of the guide for more on how to do this) and decide which pix you’ll use for those. Save them for those posts.
  4. Once you’ve run through the above, repurpose as you please!

Building a brand means showing up consistently. Having your own photo library personalizes your content and gives you a way to share potential points of connection with your audience.

But please do it over time. Don’t photo-dump-and-run!


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