What’s Your Style?

May 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

When choosing your wedding photographer (or a photographer for any purpose, really), one of the most critical things to consider is their style and how it meshes with yours! If you don’t like how they work, you won’t like the results… and these photos are arguably among the most important keepsakes of your life.

So what’s your style?

  • Classic? Formal portraits, traditional poses, composed detail shots, with maybe a mix of black and white pix.
  • Natural? Easy, fuss-free, artful candids in natural landscapes, prompting movements but less posed.
  • Modern? Fashion forward, stylish close ups, and posed knockout scenes.
  • Playful? Trendy and experimental photographs, open to trying new things.
  • Romantic? Every secret kiss and loving look… capturing those in-between moments.

Whatever your style, check your potential photographers for theirs. Review their online presence: are they posting images you like? Review their portfolio: is their collection reflective of photos you like?

Once you know you like their pix, then it’s time to find out their work style. Are you going to be comfortable spending this special day with them? 


Women are multi-faceted, and I love helping them share images that show their authentic, beautiful, confident shine! How do you want to be photographed? Let's meet over coffee and talk about it. Contact me: text/call 434-226-0365 or email [email protected].


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