How to get all the group pictures done in less than 30 minutes

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Weddings are probably one of the few times all your family members – and all your favorite people – are together, and everyone wants these pix. But there’s a celebration going on, so let’s do this quickly so you can get back to the party!

  1. Let’s create a plan. Before the big day, let me know if there are family dynamics that will affect who is being photographed together. Has there been a divorce? Was it amicable, or should we make sure that certain members are kept apart? What groupings will you want photographed together? We’ll start with the new spouses and build in immediate family and then more extended family (if you want).
  2. We’ll choose a location near the ceremony site that can accommodate the largest of your planned groups.
  3. Make sure that everyone who needs to be in the group photos knows this before the wedding, so your brother-in-law, for instance, doesn’t wander off after the ceremony.
  4. Designate a “photo assistant” – a guest who’s not in the wedding party or an immediate family member that can run off to find missing those family or wedding party members who have wandered off. It’s also helpful for this person to share that other guest photos (like your cousins or high school friends) will be done at the reception, not during this time dedicated to immediate family and wedding party pix.
  5. Flexibility is key. We’ll work with whomever is present at the shoot location first, rather than stand around and wait for your wrangler to find the someone who’s wandered off.
  6. “While you wait” (before we begin a group series), I’ll ask everyone to make sure their flowers are ready and pockets are empty.
  7. Formal, then fun! We’ll get all the “classic” poses (actually, several, in case someone is a blinker), then work in some individualized photos that fit your personalities (are you #TeamJump or nah?).

I’ll also be sure to remind everyone that the faster they cooperate, the faster they can get to the party. And I’ll be sure to look for candid moments throughout the day, as well.


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