A Word About Sneak Peeks

March 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We photographers get very excited about our work and the clients who appear in our photographs… and we’ll often share a “sneak peek” at your proof gallery.

I prefer to post “behind the scenes” pix of our session instead, but I might share one favorite image from the back of my camera – a real sneak peek at what we’re doing. I may also share a finished image from our session, as a hint of what’s to come, but not generally until after you’ve seen and chosen your favorites.

Most critically, I won’t post anything identifiable as you or your family or your brand without your permission.

Even then I will not post

- any photographs intended to be a gift for others (like bridal boudoir pix) until that date has passed.

- your engagement or elopement pictures until you have told your family and friends.

- your branding pix until your business is ready to use them.

I love a good sneak peek as much as the next photographer, but I’ve seen this go astray. The incident that triggered this post was a Facebook gallery of something like 15 images (what I would consider a full post, not a “sneak peek”) of a bridal portrait session. On it’s face, that may not immediately trigger a second thought, but consider that part of the joy of weddings is seeing the bride decked out on her special day: daddy’s first look at his baby girl, the groom or fiancée’s first look, wowing the socks off the guests as they turn to see her walk down the aisle. The photographer has now inadvertently (I assume) spoiled that surprise for their client’s family and friends. What they could have done, instead, is select a few anonymous detail shots that hint at all the beauty they wanted to share without giving away all the glory.

anonymous bridal portrait

Not only am I giving thought to how to style your session ahead of time, how to best light and pose you during your shoot, and what edits might suit each image after, I am also thinking about how you will share your pictures… and when… and then how I should (or shouldn't), too.


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