What’s Your Brand?

February 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

One of those things I love to do is brainstorm visibility techniques and tips with other women small business owners and share what I’ve learned over the course of my personal brand photography journey. I’ve actually been photographing business and personal brands since before that was a recognized genre! We just knew business lifestyle photographs could convert potential clients into actual customers.

I’ve done a Personal Branding 101 series and you can find other business-related topics on this blog by searching the #business and #branding subject categories (works best on laptop/desktop).

So maybe you’ve decided that you’re ready to sign up for a session but aren’t sure exactly what the brand is that you want to create. The good news? Whatever is true to you! You’ve got a reputation, whether you know it or not; let’s make sure to guide it to what you want to be known for.

How do you clarify your brand? Let’s take a look at five tips shared by Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist, with my added commentary.

  1. What skills do you have? What can you do? Which skills differentiate you from others in your field? As an example, I have learned how to pose and light women to create flattering images.
  2. What experience do you have? What experience does your team possess? How can your experience differentiate you from your competition? To continue my example, I’ve been specializing in women’s portraits for over a decade. And I hire hair and makeup artists that know how to make sure you look like you at your very best. I believe I’ve shown that I’m here to serve for the long haul, and won’t burn myself out by shooting anything and everything, even if it doesn’t bring me joy.
  3. What are you already known for? What is your existing reputation? I’m known for showing up and helping out. I’m known for photographing women of all ages and sizes in a way that encourages them to feel good about their pictures.
  4. How do you do what you do? What attitude do you use when approaching each task? Is that attitude different than others? Flaunt your mindset! Each of my clients is different, so my approach is different, based on her needs and desires. I don’t want to push something that doesn’t fit!
  5. Who in your network knows what you do? What do they say about your current brand? Do they have ideas to better show off who you are and what you do? I reached out to a couple of my repeat clients to ask them about my existing reputation… and since I’m still working on my own online brand, I’ll be working with a couple of them to help me show that better. Asking someone outside my immediate friends, on the fringe of my network, helped me understand that I need to show more images of my clients on my blog.

Just reading through all this might sound daunting. Although this exercise is ultimately about you and what you want to share with your ideal audience, you are not alone! I’m happy to help – from brainstorm to execution (including what to do with all those pix).


Women are multi-faceted, and I love helping them share images that show their authentic, beautiful, confident shine! How do you want to be photographed? Let's meet over coffee and talk about it. Contact me: text/call 434-226-0365 or email [email protected].


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