Collaboration is Key

February 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I just want to take a minute to talk about collaboration.

If you really just want a Simple Session headshot, I can do that for you… but I do hope you’ll read through the styling tips in my Client Guide and on this blog. Easy peasy.

If you really want photographs of you that are amazing, then I am going to need more information than where to message you with directions to my studio. Really.

We can get some good pictures, regardless. But if you want to make your investment truly valuable, we need to work together ahead of time in a more collaborative manner.

I posted about this earlier for my branding clients, but it’s important for your Signature Portrait Session (or 50 Over 50 Experience), too!

You may not have had professional photos taken in a long time, if ever, and that’s okay. It’s also okay if you don’t know exactly what it is you want. But, if we spend some time together, and find inspiration “in the wild” somewhere (Hello, Internet), we can make something that truly makes you happy – not just me.

My goal is always to create personal artwork that feels authentic to you, that makes you feel beautiful, and gives you the confidence to share your images with your family and the world.

To do that, I want to know what you want to look like. I have a set of poses and settings that I tend to run through with folks, but if you have a specific vision in mind, you won’t be happy with the outcome if I don’t shoot that. Skill means nothing, no matter who is “pushing the button,” if your photographer doesn’t also see the vision in your mind.

I have always asked at the end of every session if we’ve captured what my client had in mind. I’ve started asking that question earlier in the session. I’d really like to know at the beginning.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you’re there?

Understanding that there are 50 Billion Things going on at any given time, please spend a little while thinking about how you want to be photographed. Take a few minutes (or an hour… or two) to scroll through Pinterest and save images you like. Share it with me. And meet with me to talk through what about each pin inspired you to save it. Let's talk about what can we realistically recreate from what you’ve saved.

Honestly, most of my clients have been perfectly happy with what we’ve created together. It breaks my heart on that rare occasion they aren’t satisfied… or are just satisfied. Truly, I don’t want you to be “satisfied,” or even “happy.” I want you to be thrilled! I want you to look at your photographs and have your heart leap with joy that you look like your best image of yourself.

I want my picture of you to be your favorite picture of you. Or at least in the top five.

So when I ask “How do you want to be photographed?” I mean it! I really want to know!


Women are multi-faceted, and I love helping them share images that show their authentic, beautiful, confident shine! How do you want to be photographed? Let's meet over coffee and talk about it. Contact me: text/call 434-226-0365 or email [email protected].


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