Things I Watch Out For: Posing Tips

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You don’t need to know how to pose for your pictures! I’ll guide you every step of the way. At the outset, I’ll work to figure out what is natural for you as far as stance, posture, and gestures. Then I’ll start to coach you through how to do what you’re doing so it looks better in the camera.

Some of the things I’ll suggest:

  • Posture, even during headshot sessions where the rest of your body doesn’t show, is critical. Lift up from your head as if pulled up by a string. Let your shoulders drop down.
  • Shoulder position in relation to the camera creates body language. What message do you want to send? Squared up to the camera adds a sense of presence, while angled shoulders soften the look.
  • I’ll ask you to extend your neck (a bit) to help position your chin and enhance your jawline to be flattering to the camera. This has the added benefit of reducing any “double chin” concerns and smoothing skin. Bringing your chin forward also brings your eyes closer to the camera, and whatever is closer to the camera appears larger.
  • Your “good” side: do you have a preference for one side over the other? I’ll capture you from all angles so we can determine which is more flattering.
  • Connection in your eyes helps you look confident. Squinching helps create this look.
  • Expression, from no smile to full on laughter: we’ll cover it all! But I’ll lead you through it with prompts that help make it look natural.

Mature woman posed from her head and shoulders to her expression so she looks great.Posing is important, even for a headshot.Posing is important, even for a headshot. I hope that when you leave my studio, you’ll have a better idea of how to look good in pix no matter when and where you are – even selfies.  


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