REVERSE Wedding?

November 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

A friend of mine recently photographed a REVERSE wedding, and I’m compelled to share the idea with you.

Here are some of his comments to describe the event, edited to protect the identities of people-not-my-clients:

I photographed my first ever reverse wedding last night. That's right- I said REVERSE wedding.


What's that you ask? It's when the ceremony is at the END of the night rather than the beginning.


I have to say: I wish all weddings were this way.


We did a first look and all of the wedding party and family photos ahead of time.


[Bride] and [groom] spent the afternoon hanging out with their family during the reception that kicked things off.


They started with a "last dance" rather than a first dance. They cut cake. They ate food. They drank beers.


And at the very end they were surrounded by all the people they love most they had their ceremony under twinkle lights and the moon.


But not in a sit down traditional ceremony. Everyone was standing (and some sitting). They participated. They laughed out loud (not just LOL- like for real).


It was really- really cool.

I agree – it sounds really, really cool to me, too. Especially if this is an encore event or if you have lots of out-of-town guests who might otherwise miss the ceremony because they’ve hit a delay somewhere (like my friend Kristen, who flew all the way cross-country to make a point of being here… but even though we held off for an hour, she still missed it by maybe 15 minutes). It seems to me that everyone would be more relaxed in reverse. Twinkle lights, candlelight, moonlight… all sound beautiful – and we don’t have to be night owls to enjoy the reception.

What do you think? Neat idea? or “stick with tradition, please”?


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