How to Pick the Right Boudoir Photographer

October 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Choosing to have a boudoir session can be a brave thing, but you need to do a bit of homework before you hire that random guy with a camera on Facebook offering a free or cheap photoshoot.

Some things to look for:

  1. Pretty pix. Of course, the first place to start is their online portfolio. What are they sharing on social media and their website (they do have a website, right?)? Is there a consistent photographic style you like? Are you comfortable with the way the models/clients are posed, dressed, and portrayed?
  2. Professionalism. Meet with the photographer well ahead of scheduling your shoot. Ask questions so you know what to expect. How do they run their photo sessions? Where? Will anyone else be there? Is there a private area to change outfits? What will the set be like? Can they offer posing guidance without touching you? Are you expected to bare all?
  3. Contract policies. While you are meeting with your potential photographer, ask about all the provisions in their contract so you fully understand what’s in it, especially regarding the use of these pictures. Can you keep your boudoir images private? Or select the ones you are okay with them sharing in their portfolio? Will they attach your name to an online gallery or can you remain anonymous? If you don’t want to share your images, will they edit out any identifying features (like tattoos or special jewelry you always wear) before sharing “anonymous” photos from your set?

boudoir photo of a woman on a bed boudoirCheck out your boudoir photographer before you book. You’ve done these three things. Now, do they pass the “vibe test”? Your gut will let you know if something is off about them. If you aren’t comfortable at any point of your meeting, don’t schedule. If they seem legitimate, but you’re still a little nervous going alone, ask to bring a friend.

If you are completely comfortable with them after this meeting, schedule the session, prepare to be photographed, and go for it! Boudoir sessions are so empowering! Let’s get the best experience for you!


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