Headshots Are Not All The Same: Actor

October 28, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Not all headshots are created equal. What kind do you need? And do you really need a personal branding shoot, instead?

Traditional “business” headshots are just that: simple, head-and-shoulders only.

Actors, however, need something a bit different.

- They need something that creates an immediate connection, especially with their eyes.

- They need something that inspires the characters they want to portray, from clothing to expression.

- They need something that is not overly retouched (cleaned up is fine; airbrushed and altered is not).

- They need something that is properly lit to showcase the face, not the environment.

- They need something that works for commercial work (lifestyle shots, likely with a natural smile) and something else that works for theatrical work (character focused, usually with a more serious look).

woman smiling in her commercial headshotcommercial headshot woman not smiling for intense look theatrical headshottheatrical headshot


















What kind of headshot do you need?


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