Couples Session: Plan a Surprise Proposal

October 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

You’ve finally decided it’s time. Or you’ve decided it’s time again. It’s time to Pop The Question: “Will you marry me?” A bit nerve-wracking, even if you know the answer is going to be “YES!”

How can you make the occasion special? I mean… beyond the absolutely special situation it already is, of course. Plan ahead to do an activity together as a couple, like a photoshoot! She’ll absolutely love that you thought enough to make sure there are pictures of that special moment for later reminiscence and for sharing with family and friends. But don’t tell her it’s an engagement shoot or that you plan to ask her to spend the rest of your lives together! Do, however, tell me! I don’t want to miss the moment because you took me by surprise, too.

Schedule the portrait session (birthday or holiday gift? or “a friend wants us to model for her”?), and we’ll come up with a theme. Cooking dinner at home together? Picnic at the park? Hike in the woods? Couples' boudoir? One of those activities from the DateBox Club post I shared earlier? I can help you figure out the best time/place/way to go about the actual moment so she’s swept off her feet and I’m ready for it. We’ll come up with a particular pose idea or prop or secret code word or phrase that sets the scene. When the time is right, you do your thing and I’ll do mine. Then it becomes an engagement photoshoot and we do all the lovey-dovey ring-centered shots y’all know and love.

Man down on one knee to ask his wife to marry him again after 25 years.25 YearsGary and Suzanna celebrated 25 years of marriage with a photoshoot. He surprised us both by dropping to his knee to ask her to marry him again. Please let your photographer know your plans so they can be ready to capture the moment.

Even if you don’t want to make a production of it and just want to do a simple session, please don’t pull a Gary on me and ask your beloved Suzanna to marry you (again, on your 25th anniversary) without warning, while I’m adjusting camera settings. I almost missed it!


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