Ethos: The Ethical Brain

September 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

People may buy with their emotional Pathos brain and justify it with their logical Logos brain, but they also want to make that purchase with someone that appeals to what Aristotle called their Ethos, or ethical, brain – balancing economies to make sure they are buying from a trustworthy source that aligns with their personal values.

As an example, you really like those killer shoes in that ad (emotion) and decide that your old ones are worn out enough to replace them and they fit your budget (logic)… but you may still have questions about the seller, depending on what’s important to you. Is that advertiser going to deliver a good or authentic product? Do they work with sustainable materials? Are their human resource practices in line with your principles?

To become better known in a way that appeals to this part of the brain, use your social media, website, and marketing materials to build your know/like/trust factor. Share your credentials and experience. Be an authority on your subject matter and in your industry. Drive differentiators (what makes you different?) in your interactions – both in person and online.

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