When All You Have Left Are Pix: Part 2

April 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Are you in photographs for your great grandchildren?GrandmotherMy Mamaw, Annie Annie Partin Seabolt was my paternal grandmother. Where we only have a few surviving photographs of my maternal grandmother, we have lots of pix of my father’s mother… at least from the time she married my grandfather forward.

It’s really sweet to be able to look back through the photographs from the Partin/Seabolt clan and watch her with her children growing up… and then with her grown children and her grandchildren as they grew up.

Whole group (and sub-group) family photos were her favorite, so we all always brought our cameras. Hopefully, someone brought a girlfriend or boyfriend to snap the pix; once we were all “married off,” we made sure someone had a camera with a timer or a remote release. Can’t leave anyone out!

I do wish, however, that there were more candid pictures of those times when there wasn’t a big family gathering. I wish there was a photo of the two of us making jam from the raspberries we picked from her garden to go with the one of me and Papaw sitting on the front porch swing. Those little moments become the biggest memories… but then, we didn’t think about picking up a camera for candids; we were just doing our thing.

Is there an activity you do with your children (or grandchildren) that is special? Consider appearing in photographs with them – fully engaged - too. I’d love to capture those candid moments of memory-making for you with an in-home lifestyle session. You do your thing, I shoot, and everyone has pictures to go with this memory of time with you.



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