Batching Your Content

April 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A common concern with showing up online regularly is the time it takes to create individual pieces of content. Choosing topics, what to say about them (without sounding super repetitive), and what pix to put with each post can be overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be!

If you think you need to sit down each day or each week to create individual pieces, and you’re just not sure you can commit to that, then batching is the way to go for you.

business planning calendarApril calendarBatch your content creation by writing out several blog and social media posts in one sitting.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Think of broad categories you want to work in. For me, I’ve got five categories for blog posts this year, and one for each day of the week on Instagram.
  • Consider topics within those categories, and roughly plan where they will line up with each other.
  • Sit down and write as many blog / caption posts as you can at one time. I tend to do this roughly once a month, and can write out at least enough to post throughout the month (sometimes more). Remember, some of those social media posts can be repurposed from longer blog content.
  • Select your images to go with each post. Now that they’re written, you have a better idea of what the visuals are that need to go with them… and can better see if you are re-using an image too often in the same place. If you have a bank of images to choose from (perhaps from your branding session with me), this job will be much easier.
  • Schedule your posts. My website allows me to pre-schedule my blog posts. Facebook allows you to pre-schedule to your business page (a feature I wish they would add to personal accounts). Instagram doesn’t (unless you have it linked to your Facebook business page and are posting the same thing at the same time… which I don’t care for), so my current workaround is to have captions where I can get to them on my phone (I use Dropbox to transfer). Consider one of the numerous scheduling apps/software out there, like Buffer, Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, or Later, to see if one might work for you.

If you schedule a branding session with me, we’ll create a list together of what types of images you need and where you want to use them so as we are shooting, I can make sure we’re creating a useful image bank for you. As we choose those images after the session, I’ll make notes for you on where you chose to use each one, so you don’t have to remember! Become a recurring branding client, and I’ll help you set up a system for you to track all your images from all your sessions.

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