Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas

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My Personal Branding Photography packages are designed to provide you with a bank of pictures to draw from as needed to grow your business online. One of the questions I get asked is, “What would I do with that many images? I don’t even know what to post about!” Here are ten ideas!        

  1. Repurpose multiple related blog topics, or break down a longer piece (like a white paper) into smaller parts, to create a series. Use a related, but different, image for each post.
  2. Run a contest or giveaway. Use a different image for the teaser, the opening announcement of the contest, a reminder, announcing the end, and declaring your winner. You’ll need:
    1. Something to give away. Ideally, the prize for your contest should somehow be related to your brand (think: free products or a membership).
    2. Terms and conditions. To cover yourself legally, terms and conditions are a must for your contest.
    3. A point of contact. On your terms and conditions page, make sure to leave an email address where people can get in touch with questions or concerns.
    4. A creative way to enter. Whether it’s through user-generated content or a hashtag, asking followers to post about your brand is the best way to encourage entries. After all, the purpose of a giveaway is brand awareness, not just to give away free stuff. Oh, and hashtags are by far the simplest means of keeping track of who entered your contest for free.
  3. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Announce it with a special image of you for the occasion. Consider how an AMA ticks the following boxes for brands:
    1. You get to show off the personal side of your business
    2. You raise awareness for your brand without being pushy or salesy
    3. You learn more about the concerns and interests of your audience
  4. Create a How-To or tutorial. We’ll photograph each step.
  5. Make a meme from an outtake image.
  6. If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Poll your audience: A or B (or C or D)? Pix for each!
  7. Go behind the scenes. Giving your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your company signals authenticity. Brands represent people; share that personal element.
  8. Share your milestones. Telling your brand’s story and showing what you’re worth based on your accomplishments can truly cement your company’s status in the eyes of your audience.
  9. Answer FAQs in list form: “Top 10 Social Media Posts” What images can you use with your list?
  10.  Trending topics. What’s coming up that we can plan for? Think: holidays, business anniversary, wedding season….

People love to see you in your posts; faces drive engagement, and sharing your personal brand helps your audience get to know, like, and trust you.

You’ll want pictures for each of these, then use different ones as you change it up and repurpose your content to other platforms.

Photographer Maggie McCanna photographing another photographer.tipping I'm trying to get better about adding photos to my blog posts, too.


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