Multi-sensory Experience: Touch!

December 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I do my best to make your portrait session as relaxed as possible… especially if you are having a boudoir shoot. Sitting around half-naked in front of someone with a camera might not be the most calming situation for you!

I get to the She Shed Studio early on shoot days to turn on the heat or air conditioning… but once you arrive, temperature control is all yours. Need it warmer? We’ll wrap you in fuzzy blankets and point a space heater at you. Cooler? Down goes the number on the unit and out comes the fan.

Touch extends to skin comfort: if you have any allergies or sensitivities, please share, so I can make sure our hair and makeup artists bring appropriate product… and I can make sure anything I might use (from laundry detergent to air fresheners) won’t trigger a reaction.

Your physical comfort also stretches into posing. If you have any limitations, please let me know in advance. Under “normal” conditions, by the time we are done with your session you’ll feel like you’ve been through a light workout. But I don’t want to try to push your body in ways that might hurt! If you shouldn’t twist, for instance, I’ll find non-twisty poses. If you can only stand for short periods, we’ll be sure to do those up front and find plenty of seated positions.

The experience of being in front of my camera is catered to you and what will make you most comfortable, because if you aren’t happy, it shows!


Ready for some great photographs? Let’s get to know each other over coffee (or smoothies… or milkshakes…) and talk about celebrating your life’s true beauty in images you love. You can reach me at [email protected] or (434) 226-0365 and let me know when and where you’d like to meet!

My Promise: Together, we will create amazing photos you’ll want to share. How do you want to be photographed?



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