Micro Weddings

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In simple terms, micro weddings are small wedding ceremonies, with maybe 25-50 guests. Many of the details of these petite weddings are just as important as a larger event, but there are fewer of them and the event is generally shorter. Elopements tend to have even fewer people – generally, just the couple and officiant, and maybe a handful of family members – and are more spontaneous.

This is my jam! I specialize in these smaller events. The limited guest list means the people that attend are those most special to you, and I focus on interactions with every one of them.

Originally posted in October 2017, this article from The Knot was updated in September 2020 to reference the COVID-19 pandemic, and introduces the concept of the minimony – a small ceremony with just a few people, like a planned elopement – that may be followed by a sequel wedding with your full guest-count.

I’ve photographed micro weddings, an elopement (held on my back porch - I was one of the five people), and a minimony (nothing like getting a call on Thursday that the ceremony will be on Tuesday evening in the pastor’s yard)… and, of course, several larger events.

At this point in my life, if you’ve got over 100 guests, I will graciously decline and provide referrals to other photographers. I know my limits

If you are having an intimate wedding, however, I’d love to share your day with you, and document your love story. 


Ready for some great photographs? Let’s get to know each other over coffee (or smoothies… or milkshakes…), and talk about celebrating your life’s true beauty in images you love. You can reach me at [email protected] or (434) 226-0365. You can also schedule a consultation at https://calendly.com/maggietakespix; pick a time convenient for you, and let me know where you'd like to meet!

My Promise: Together, we will create amazing photos you’ll want to share. How do you want to be photographed?




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