Branding 101: 4 C’s of Visibility, Part 4 – Be Custom

November 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Custom elements make your brand personal.Custom images enhance your brand.Choose elements that reflect you.

In order to better build your visibility, and so your audience gets to know, like and trust you, your media (social or print) should authentically reflect you.

Create images that are custom to match your brand.

You are the ultimate brand element. Share some of the “behind the scenes” of your business and your life to create connection. Consider including family, pets, staff, or even clients. Include locations and props that reflect your business. Add in your specific brand colors.

Including some personal details – especially images of you (at least on occasion) – helps you stand out infinitely better than the stock images that everyone else may be using.

Don't use the same image everyone else is.Create custom images to stand out.How many times have you seen this ponytail?


Ready for some great photographs? Let’s get to know each other over coffee (or smoothies… or milkshakes…), and talk about celebrating your life’s true beauty in images you love. You can reach me at [email protected] or (434) 226-0365. You can also schedule a consultation at; pick a time convenient for you, and let me know where you'd like to meet!

My Promise: Together, we will create amazing photos you’ll want to share. How do you want to be photographed?



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