Behind the Scenes: Shoot

October 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So, just what goes on at a shoot with me?

When you arrive, I’ll introduce you to our hairstylist and/or makeup artist (HMUA) if you’re using that service, and we’ll go through clothing items you’ve brought and sets we’re thinking of using. The HMUA will create a look for you that works best with what you’ve expressed. Most of my clients choose a more natural, but polished, look – more bridal than dramatic, although we’ll build to that if it fits your session style. I’ll fuss around with the set and lights a little more to adjust for our first look, while you relax and get glammed up.

Once you’re in your outfit (there is a changing room in the studio) I’ll check the light placement and my camera settings again, and we’ll get underway. Generally, I won’t provide a lot of direction in the beginning, because I want to watch how you move, your expressions, your mood, etc. I want to figure out what poses and/or prompts will work best to bring out the best in you! Then the work begins: I’ll introduce you to The Turtle. I will begin to pose you more and ask for particular movements, most of which I will demonstrate, so you can see what it is I’m asking you to do.

At some point, I will knock over a light stand.

It’s inevitable. I may be a glamour photographer, but I am not a glamourous photographer. You will look polished; I will be awkward. We will do some really silly things. Go ahead and laugh! I know I will.

We’ll probably dance… or at least sway.

We will change outfits and sets and lights and poses until we’re sure you’ve been photographed in every way you’ve dreamed… or we’re getting tired (I’m good for about four hours, then my creativity starts to wane).

No matter if it’s just a short headshot session or a Signature Portrait Session, as we come to the end I may throw in “just one more” quick take – 15 minutes or so of an outfit/set/lighting that’s different from the rest. Just because.

And after? You will feel like you’ve had a gentle workout… and I’ll start my workout, going through all the beauty we’ve created (including the outtakes) to find the best of the best to share with you. Give me a week or so, and we’ll get back together to relive our session through your images. More on that in another post!


Ready for some great photographs? Let’s get to know each other over coffee (or smoothies… or milkshakes…), and talk about celebrating your life’s true beauty in images you love. You can reach me at [email protected] or (434) 226-0365. You can also schedule a consultation at; pick a time convenient for you, and let me know where you'd like to meet!

My Promise: Together, we will create amazing photos you’ll want to share. How do you want to be photographed?



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