Boudoir Photography: A Definition

January 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A boudoir shoot is generally considered a sub-genre of beauty or glamour photography. Boudoir photography also celebrates beauty, but in a more intimate way. And, as the name suggests (boudoir is old French for a woman’s private “pouting” room), it takes place in a bedroom or other private location. Because of this facet of privacy, there is generally a certain level of undress.

These sessions aren’t about creating a response from the viewer (like glamour… or pornography). Instead, the images feel almost as if the viewer is peeking in on a scene they weren’t necessarily meant to see... like she’s been caught in a private moment. Boudoir is more about making women feel beautiful, and it can help a woman feel more confident in her own skin. It’s a bit daring. It’s fun. And it tells a bit of her personal story in a personal way that isn’t seen by many.

Boudoir photographs can be sexy, sensual, sweet, or even silly. What’s your fantasy? Can’t decide? That’s okay! Variety is the spice of life, and I’ve got look, pose, and set ideas for whatever look suits you. While it is common to see women in lingerie for a boudoir shoot, it isn’t a requirement… nor is nudity. You can wear just about anything (or yes, “nothing”), and make it a boudoir session! You decide how much skin you show… and whether anyone else ever sees these pictures of your personal celebration of your beauty. That said, I’m glad to give you some ideas for what to wear, depending on your selected look.

By the way, you can bring your significant other in, too, for a couple’s boudoir session. These romantic, fire-kindling sessions can create closeness and bonding like no other. Talk about celebrating beauty! Ah, love….

Think you are too old, too overweight, too… not hot? Think again! I did a boudoir shoot myself at 49 years old and 30 pounds too heavy, and had a blast! I talk about it a bit in this blog post.


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