Beauty Photography: A Definition

January 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Beauty photography has many definitions, and none. Do a Google search. I did. I was looking for an “industry standard” to start with. There isn’t one. You’ll end up with an array of references, but no single definition. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies to beauty photography, too.

The bottom line for me, however, is that beauty photography – also known as glamour photography – focuses on the person being photographed. It’s a portrait, but something more. It’s not about the make-up, wardrobe, or accessories. It’s not about the set or lighting. It’s not even about the pose. All of those can influence and help define the person in the image, but those elements are not the point of the photograph. What matters in beauty or glamour photography is how everything comes together in a portrait to celebrate an individual’s beauty. 

Before you get too turned off by the term “glamour,” please know this is not the glamour photography of 30 years ago! Soft focus? Nope. Big hair? Also no. Feather boas? Actually… I have a couple, if you want to play with them…. This is a new kind of glamour: photography with a more classic, refined look; one that’s authentically you, reflective of your inherent beauty.

For me, beauty photography is about making all women feel authentic, beautiful and confident.

As another photographer put it in an article about the "comeback" of the genre,

“What I am asking you to consider is how having one day of pure beauty (your own brand of beauty — as you see it), followed by images that you'll be able to reference for a lifetime as a reminder, might just take you a few steps closer to the confidence we all struggle to find within ourselves. Once you have the opportunity to see your unique radiance, whether through someone else's eyes/lens, or in a simple moment of clarity, it becomes much easier to focus less on the little voice in your head that whispers about conformity or how you should probably ‘reduce your flaws’ in order to find love, acceptance, friendship, the right job, etc. And that's a gift. The precious type, that truly impacts the rest of your life.” – Jen Marie

Beauty photography is about having a true portrait of you, as you want to be seen. 


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