What to Ask Your Photographer

August 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
  1. Are you insured? I am.
  2. What’s your background? How long have you trained? been in business? I’ve been studying since before I started my business in May 2010… and I am constantly learning. As a member of Professional Photographers of America, I have agreed to abide by a strict code of ethics, as well.
  3. Can you provide references? Can I see a portfolio? A true professional will have no problem putting you in contact with previous clients to ask about their experience. A portfolio will show the depth of their experience. Ask to see samples from an entire session, too, to see whether they are consistently good for 20+ images, or just got lucky with the one shown on their website.
  4. What is your photographic style? Looking at their portfolio will show you whether what you expect and what they shoot are a match. Asking them to do anything different will likely not work out in your favor. Tell your photographer what you are looking for and why you are getting photographs taken. You want their knowledge of lighting and posing to create images that fit your vision. The more comfortable you are that they can do this for you, the easier it will be to create those images for you.
  5. How many events like this do you photograph in a typical year? You want to make sure your photographer has the experience to meet any challenge.
  6. Do you have an assistant or second shooter (for larger events)? Should the situation warrant, your photographer having an assistant will make the session work more smoothly. A second shooter will provide additional images to add to the mix.
  7. What does your fee include, and what’s the delivery timeline? Know exactly what you are paying for, and what is extra. How much time? When might you see proofs? What’s the delivery method? How long until you receive your images/products? Let’s take care of expectations so there aren’t any misunderstandings!
  8. What’s the back-up plan? Whether it’s rescheduling a portrait session or finding a last-second substitute for a wedding (in case of serious illness or an accident), a professional will have a plan.
  9. Do you have back-up equipment? Things break. A professional will have at least one back-up camera, multiple data cards, batteries, flashes, lenses… and pain reliever.
  10. Do you require a written contract? The answer should be yes, of course.


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