Natural to Cat to Smoky Eye Makeup

May 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes to portrait photography, the eyes are it: the point of focus, creating the connection. We want your eyes to stand out! There are a few ways to do this, from posing (yep, that’s important) to lighting (“catchlights” bring eyes to life) to enhancing them with makeup.

A “natural” look is sometimes anything but natural. To help enhance the eyes, we’ll still apply a bit of liner close to the base of the lashes, to visually fill in any gaps. Black or dark brown mascara will help those lashes frame your eyes.

A step up is the classic cat eye, bringing a bit more attention to the eyes with this simple finished look. We can build attention all the way to a full-on smoky eye: shadow, fuller liner, and even false lashes – so much drama! There are a number of “in between” looks, too, which we’ll discuss at our consultation, with a chart in your preparation guide, and as we work with your different sets at the portrait session itself.

Remember: what you see in the mirror is going to look different on camera. Trust us (the professional makeover artists and me) to make sure you look great in the final images.

* We always give you the option for wearing false lashes, too… or not. You do not have to wear them, of course, but I will ask that you please give them a try! The kind we use look so good, especially in those close-ups.


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