Choosing Clothing Colors

October 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Best practice for choosing clothing colors is to consider your skin tone, first and foremost. Are you warm, cool, or somewhere in between?

Warm-toned people tend to have olive or yellowish skin tones, while cool-toned people tend to have a bluish undertone. Neutral-toned people have a hard time telling what their skin tone is, and usually have hazel eyes (that may change color depending on what they wear).

Anyone can wear any color; you just need to watch out for the particular hue. Warm-tones can wear orangey-reds, for instance, but cool-tones should look for bluer shades of red (like magenta), instead. While cool-tones might be able to wear emerald green, warm-tones should reach for moss/fern/pesto, instead. Neutrals should choose softer, rather than brighter, shades.

All that said, there are some colors considered to be universally flattering: ballet pink, eggplant, teal, navy, and true red.

When truly in doubt, match your eyes!

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