Lingerie Selections for all body types

January 26, 2018  •  1 Comment

Women of all sizes and shapes can find lingerie that makes them feel beautiful and sexy. The right piece can make you look great and feel invincible.

Rule number one for lingerie shopping: it has to fit. Remember, the size on the tag is irrelevant; I have items labeled “extra large” that fit more tightly than a similar style labeled “medium.”

You can never go wrong with a matching bra and panty set. You may want to be professionally fitted, as most women are wearing the wrong size. The band should be snug and be parallel to the floor. The underwire should not dig. As for the cup, try on a couple of sizes to find the one that fits best: if it gaps, try a shallower cut or smaller cup; if you’re spilling out, try something with fuller coverage or a larger cup. You should be able to slip the straps off, and the bra should stay in place.

Are you tall? Play up those long legs with stockings, garters, and a teddy or corset. Are you short? Two-piece ensembles tend to work better. Straight figure? Cut-outs, push-up bras, and thong underwear help create curves. Curvy figure? Babydoll dresses and corsets or waist-cinchers are your friends!

If you absolutely cannot find something you love, I have a few items in my studio wardrobe that I promise will look good on you… including white sheets (because implied nudes are always sexy).

Find out more about a lingerie session with me here.


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Yes! Women need to be comfortable with who they are no matter their shape. What a fun post!
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