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Portraits of Regina

April 19, 2024
After Karen shared her Over 50 with Maggie experience, Regina was onboard! She didn't want anything formal, though; that just wasn't really her style. As much as I'd like...
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Portraits of Karen

April 12, 2024
Karen brought Jeannie to her session with her for moral support... and later convinced both her and their friend Regina to participate! All three ladies are well-accompli...
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Portraits of Laura H

April 05, 2024
Laura is a "regular" headshot client, as an actor, and chose to combine an update with an Over 50 Experience. I'm cheating this time by sharing some of my favorite photog...
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Portraits of Sonya

March 29, 2024
Sonya needed new headshots and decided to combine it with an Over 50 Experience. Her story: My core values have been the same for as long as I can remember. My family,...
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Portraits of Amy

March 22, 2024
Amy and I had so much fun capturing her spirit during our Over 50 session, and she went home with quite a few. This is just a sampling. Her story: Hi, my name is Amy Co...
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